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Adaptability Is The Key To Survival

It’s no surprise that everything we have going on has got some heads spinning.  It’s no surprise that people are feeling lost and do not know what to do.

It is however times like these that breed innovation and efficiency.  If you are a service provider and help support oil and gas operations, things are about to change.  There is nothing we can do to stop the change, we must adapt. 

What is the big focus right now in our industry?  COST SAVINGS.  Yes wells are going to be shut in.  YES production will be cut in the US and other places across the world.  YES that means less jobs and less revenue.  Does that mean it’s over?? Hell no! 

No is the time for us to really analyze where money is spent and where money can be earned.  The traditional (or old) ways of drilling/recovery/ and maintenance will all change and it’s a great opportunity for new ideas to be born.

Rather than getting down and letting the double whammy of COVID and the damn Russia/Saudi BS make you want to quit – remember nothing good, true, and lasting comes from that which is easy.  Everything good and enduring comes from hard work and adaptability. 

Take this time now and start asking yourself that question:  What can I do to separate myself from the rest of the industry?  How can I utilize my skills and resources to add TRUE value to this industry?  How can I HELP?

This too will pass like every other downturn, and the people left standing are the ones that are live and breathe this message.  Where are you going to be when the dust settles?

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